It’s Good to be Back

Well it has been a busy two weeks since my last post.  My classes are off and running, and I have just been trying to keep up.  There is just something about this campus that I have fallen in love with.  Choosing to come here to Lipscomb for school has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  The people that I have met here whether they be peers, professors, or just random people around campus have impacted my life in a huge way.  I don’t really have much time to myself, but I prefer it that way.  The sense of community that I have encountered on so many levels has encouraged me and also taught me how to be an encouragement to others.

Being here at Lipscomb, I have seen God move on this campus.  Not always in chapel that everyone is required to attend, not always in the Bible classes everyone is required to take, but in the general feel of the campus.  God is in the hearts of so many of my fellow students, and the love that they show rubs off on the people around them.  After living here on campus, I don’t think I will ever want to live by myself.  It is still very possible to not do anything and be by yourself, but there is always something to do, or someone to be with.  I am so glad to be back here where I feel right.  I had a great summer, but getting back in the swing of things here on campus is something that I truly do love.


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