“A man who won’…

“A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Alexander, Cae…

“Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have built great empires. But upon what did they depend? They depended on force. But centuries ago Jesus started an empire built on love and even to this day millions will die for him.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

10 Less Interesting/Important Things

Well I know that most of you readers are probably a little skeptical as to why you should spend time out of your busy days reading my blog.  You may have a family.  You may have a Job.  You may have bills to pay.  You may even have your own blog.  I get it.  So I have come up with 10 things that are not as entertaining as this blog.  They are as follows:

1.  A Tyler Perry television show.  I don’t know if I don’t get the jokes because I’m white or what, but it just seems like a massive waste of time.  Read this instead.

2.  A Women’s Sporting Event.  Let’s be honest here for a second, the stuff is just boring.  Many would make an argument for Beach Volleyball, which may be the only exception.  Other than that, unless you are romantically interested in one of the competitors, Read this instead.

3.  The Paper/Project/Report/etc you are working on.  Deep in your heart you must know that there will always be a be a better time to do that later.  Read this instead.

4.  Sitting In Traffic.  Let me be clear, I am not advising whipping your smartphone out on the highway.  Stop somewhere, wait for the traffic to die down, and Read this instead.

5.  Hitting the Tanning Bed.  You know that stuff gives you cancer.  The only thing Brown can do for you is give you cancer.  You will still have the same abandonment/daddy/self-esteem issues even if your skin is the color of the crayon kids use in Sunday School to color the cross.  Read this instead.

6.  Updating your MySpace.  That is an incredibly 2006 thing to do.  If you still update your MySpace, get off this blog go to MySpace and delete it.  “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!”  Read this instead.

7.  Play a Card Game called “Munchkin.”  Odds are you don’t know what that game is.  Murph (my roommate mentioned in the last post) loves it, and he tried to teach me to play one time.  Bottom Line: STAY AWAY.  Read this instead.

8.  Listen to Your Physics Professor Brag About Himself.  This situation may not apply to all of you or even most, but I’m going to be reading this blog a lot before the end of this semester.  Read this instead.

9.  Watching Youtube Cover Bands.  Every once in a while you may run into a decent rendition of a popular song, but the solid majority of the time you are listening to pure unadulterated crap.  Read this instead.

10.  Blogging.  It is so hard to write a blog worth reading, in fact I commend you for suffering all the way through this post.  Why keep track of your own thoughts when you can keep track of someone else’s.  Just Kidding, I fully endorse blogging, but Read this instead.

Well there you have it, I just gave you a list of 10 things that are not as interesting/exciting as this blog.  Read this instead.

Entry No. 1

Hello Readers, those of you dedicated to my writings likely have become incredibly familiar with the blog entitled “Real Talk” (especially because of there only being two postings total).  Well I’m back, and I can’t say that this will be similar at all.  It has been about 7 months since my last post on that blog, and a lot has changed in that span of time.  I’ve been to Europe and back, my brother Jonathan has moved to Houston, and I’m sitting in my dorm room writing this, so it has certainly been an exciting several months.  I have had encounters with people who have challenged me, countless awkward moments (you will see those are not rarities), and have made some important life decisions.  I have decided to major in Bible with a concentration on Youth Ministry.  I can’t really give a lot of reasons why other than I do sense that I am being called.  In the fall semester it was amazing the way I saw God move in my life; I always was a little weirded out by the way people say things like that, but lo and behold I have become one of those people.  I feel that God has spoken to me a lot through my friends and am amazed everyday at the way God works.  I don’t get it at all but He really does love me, a lot.  I’ve read some amazing books, none of which more amazing than the Bible, and have really become what I consider to be a pretty open-minded person.  A little over a week ago I finished reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff, which really has changed my overall outlook on what loving people looks like.  God really spoke to me through one of the chapters and that is a big reason I have made the decision to head to Ukraine for a little while this summer.  A guy at my church, his name’s Joel, has been heading a group that goes over there to help orphans every summer for several years now.  He asked me to really think and pray about going along this summer.  Even though I had interviewed with several Youth Ministers for internship positions, I just really felt like that was something that I needed to do this summer.  So I’m going.  Don’t know what to expect, but I know God’s going to do something awesome.  I’m also really excited to be going to the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Spring Break.  My roommate Matt, I commonly refer to him as Murph, told me about the trip and it just felt right to get on board.  You’ll be hearing more about the trip as we get closer to departure.  Anyways a lot has happened, and for the sake of this blog and my readers hopefully God’s going to do some crazy stuff.