The Definitive Ranking of the Top 10 Christmas Movies

So tonight, on Christmas Eve, I decided to, with a committee, rank the top 10 Christmas movies of all-time. These are the answers we have come up with. I would love to get your feedback in the comments section.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life
2. White Christmas
3. A Charlie Brown Christmas
4. Miracle on 34th Street
5. Holiday Inn
6. Elf
7. Home Alone
8. A Christmas Story
9. Jingle All the Way
10. Polar Express

May your days be merry and bright,

and may all your Christmases be white!

(or at least merry, it doesn’t snow everywhere)



What StompFest 2014 taught me about God

On Thursday, November 20, 2014, at approximately 9:30pm, 11 members (including myself) of Theta Psi Social Club along with 3 others (a team of 14) won Lipscomb’s 5th annual StompFest.  StompFest is a step-show put on by Kappa Iota Theta (a Lipscomb club that promotes diversity).  Members of Lipscomb’s Greek Life compete with their respective clubs and put on a really great show.  We started practicing 7 weeks before the show, and in the couple weeks leading up to it, we had some pretty long practices.  We worked on cleaning the routine and making the show flow.  We did a lot in preparation in order to put on a great show.  Since that night, I have not stopped “stomping.”  I stomp (and almost fall) in the shower, I stomp (and almost fall) when I walk, and my mom smacked me when she saw me stomping at church on Sunday.  My family was so sick of me stomping around the house over the Thanksgiving break, but truthfully, sometimes I just can’t help it, it’s involuntary.

Stomping has become a habit.  One that has been engrained in my muscle memory, a reflex, if you will.  Now, many would consider my stomping to be a bad habit, but for the longest time it was a great habit.  I was training my body to do it with out thinking.  Practicing it over time made it second nature to me.  Habits are actions that we have done over and over again.  We practice our habits without thinking.  No one has to tell us to do them, and we feel weird if we do not practice our habits.  Most people have a habit of brushing their teeth.  No one has to tell me to brush my teeth because before I do anything in the morning, I brush them, and before I go to sleep at night, I brush them.  And believe me, I know when I haven’t brushed them (and I hope that no one else knows, but they probably do).

Habits can be both good and bad.  I firmly believe that part of following Jesus is intentionally forming good, Christ-centered habits.  In one of my classes this year, intentionality in our relationship with God has been a main subject.  Whether it be reflective journaling, prayer, reading, or worship, we need to have Christ-centered activities things that are second nature to us.  Our relationship with God takes practice.  Spending time with God does not always sound like fun, or a great use of our time, but truly, it always is a blessing.  At first, sitting at the feet of Jesus can seem like a chore.  Pursuing the mind of Christ is not something that we can only get away with doing every once in a while, or when we “have time.”  In order to be in tune with the will of God in our lives, we need to be constantly seeking Him out, just as He constantly seeks us out.

God is so good.  He wants to be with us constantly, and we are not only disobeying Him but also cheating ourselves if we choose not to spend time with our Lord, Savior, and Sovereign Redeemer.

Lord give us habits that are worthy of the calling that we have received.

Till next time,


PS: If anyone wants to watch our competition winning Stomp, check out the link below!