Home is where the Heart is.

I have been back living at my house with my family since Thursday.  I got back at about 7 in the evening, sat down on the couch, and watched t.v. with my little brother.  As we sat and had our normal small-talk conversation about fantasy football, I was on the brink of tears.  I was finally home.  Things were finally slowing down.

For the past four months, stressed has been my default setting.  Between classes, work, people, and other various responsibilities, I have had an immense amount of trouble trying to recharge my battery. I have never felt more overwhelmed in my life.  Being around family and old friends has really helped me realize how blessed I am.  Even though family can be the people who wear on us the most, they are also in most cases the people who care the most.  It truly is a great feeling to love people and to be loved by people.  That is the when I feel at home.  






Last week was Thanksgiving week.  I know that now 99.9% of our country’s population has moved on from that time of thankfulness and has moved on to the season of capitalistic materialism, but last week I was journaling and jotted down some people that I am thankful for. Here it is:

November 26,

Who I am thankful for and why:

Mom – for being a saint. for coming up with quick-stitch fixes to my problems (sometimes literally). for being an infinite source of wisdom. for not expecting perfection. for listening to me talk for days about nothing important. for putting up with me when I passionately disagree with you. for having my back, and forever being in my corner.

Dad – for being an example. for showing me how to love my future wife and family. for working at Lipscomb (75% discount BABYYYY!!!). for instructing me, not just reprimanding me. for giving me advice, even when I didn’t ask for it. for putting up with me when I vocally disagree with you. for folding your arms and shaking your head when I do something stupid. for showing me how to serve God.

Jonathan – for being my older brother, for setting a good example. for driving me around before I could. for not telling mom & dad. for reassuring me when I’m right. for telling me when I’m wrong. for never killing me or Joel. for including me in front of your friends. for helping me pick on Joel.

Joel – for being my little brother. for putting up with my teasing. for not being help when I broke the fish tank. for not telling mom & dad. for wanting to hang out with me. for showing me how stupid I was when I was your age. for doing math in your head that proves me wrong in public (NOT). for helping me annoy Jonathan.

Mimi & Papa – for raising my dad. for showing me what it looks like to love your spouse for a long time. for liking my mom. for my love of nuts. for Joel’s love of the Astros (that is still awful fun to joke about). for encouraging me to succeed. for wanting to be in my company. for overfeeding me. for loving unconditionally.

Grandma – for raising my mom. for your sayings of practical wisdom. for your patience. for encouraging me. for telling me that I give the best hugs. for giving the best hugs. for playing Rook with us. for liking my dad. for caring so deeply about others. for telling stories. for teaching my mom how to cook.

Friends – for picking me up when I’m down. for motivating me to be better. for keeping me from getting big-headed. for occasionally reading my writing. for putting up with my shenanigans. for involving me in your shenanigans. for still being my friend after I use the word “shenanigan.” for keeping me sane. for the remarks about my hairline. for nostalgia. for memories to feel nostalgic about. for opportunities to make more friends. for dealing with my teasing. for teasing me back. for all of the smack talk. for all of the quotable moments. for moments that will never be quoted. for quality time. for hugs, handshakes, and fist pounds (yes, I still occasionally dish out the knuckle touch). for hanging out with me even after I use the phrase “knuckle touch.” for dreaming with me. for competing with and against me.  for laughing. for seeing how the world is, and working to make it better.

The Church – for faith. for always welcoming me. for giving me opportunities. for constant encouragement. for reaching out. for walking alongside me. for supporting me on all my endeavors. for showing me what community looks like. for investing in me. for serving the Lord, and teaching me to do so.  for supporting the cause of Christ to the ends of the earth.

*some portions have been added later.




Finals Week Survival Skills


Ran into a friend on campus Tuesday who was freaking out about finals.  Talking about all the studying and other things that needed to be done.  So I decided that I would post some tips about how to get through the week without any ulcers or anxiety attacks.

Here are all of my tips on how to survive Finals Week:

1. Don’t Freak Out.  At some point in the next week, every student taking finals will be tempted to punch a wall, intentionally sleep through a final, or kick a cat (not that no one is tempted to do that one already).  None of these things will benefit you in any way.

2. Do Something Fun.  Studying is a drag, and if you spend all of your time studying, finals week will be terrible for you.  Take some time away from your books and hang out with your friends.  After this week you probably won’t see them for a while, so do something fun.

3. Manage Your Time.  Yeah I’m not good at this one.  If you have nothing to do, do something that will help you do better on your finals.  The more you study when there’s nothing to do, the less you have to miss out on in order to to study.

4. Prioritize Your Classes.  You likely do not have the same grade in all of your classes.  Some classes you really need an A in to keep your scholarship, while others you can mess up a little and still get a solid grade.  Figure out which classes need more attention than others, and knock those out of the park.  Don’t sweat the 88% in the class that you have a 95% in.

5. Get Enough Sleep.  Even if you have to stop studying at night to get up the next morning and study before the final, get some sleep before the final.  If you feel yourself dozing off while studying, go to sleep for a bit.  Wake up and finish studying.  You will learn way more while alert than otherwise.

Yes, these are all of my Finals Week tips.  There are only five.  I am not really a wealth of knowledge on the subject, but I can say that when I abide by these, I do better.  It works 60% of the time EVERYTIME.

Good Luck, and Happy Finals Week Everyone!

Take it Easy!