Home is where the Heart is.

I have been back living at my house with my family since Thursday.  I got back at about 7 in the evening, sat down on the couch, and watched t.v. with my little brother.  As we sat and had our normal small-talk conversation about fantasy football, I was on the brink of tears.  I was finally home.  Things were finally slowing down.

For the past four months, stressed has been my default setting.  Between classes, work, people, and other various responsibilities, I have had an immense amount of trouble trying to recharge my battery. I have never felt more overwhelmed in my life.  Being around family and old friends has really helped me realize how blessed I am.  Even though family can be the people who wear on us the most, they are also in most cases the people who care the most.  It truly is a great feeling to love people and to be loved by people.  That is the when I feel at home.  





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