Why we (yes, men too) need feminism (RACHEL HELD EVANS)

The first I ever heard of Rachel Held Evans was when she spoke at NYWC (Nashville) in November.  Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog and other of her writings.  I enjoy her thinking because I think she understands what feminism is.  Feminism, in its purest form, is a push for women to be treated equally to men, not better than men.  Sometimes things I read on the internet frustrate me because it is straight up demeaning to men and elevating to women.  I’m sick of articles being shared on my Facebook feed comparing all men to pigs.  

I read this today, and I think everyone should read it. So check it out.

We need feminism…

Thank you, Rachel Held Evans for being prophetic in your thoughts on feminism. You can guest-write for my page anytime.