more than me.

I woke up pretty late on my day-off today here in California.  It was about 11 o’clock or so, and I checked Facebook/Twitter/Instagram like I normally do when I wake up (gotta keep up to date on the world’s happenings).  Today was cool because many of my friends from back in Nashville at Donelson Church of Christ got back from Camp today.  From my social media creeping, it seems like this year was yet another successful year at Fall Creek Falls for Donelson.  Pictures and tweets point to a great week in Christ like many that I have experienced in the past.  This was my first year not being at the camp in 10 years.  Since January, I have thought about this year’s camp occasionally.  My thoughts have been hopeful.  Hopeful that those present would experience the Spirit of Christ through each other.  Hopeful that the counselors would love their campers in a Christ-like way.  Hopeful that the younger campers would take showers and change their clothes.  Hopeful that the older campers would be a light to each other and the younger campers.  I was hopeful, not worried.

The past few years at Camp, I had put in a lot of effort to influence it and leave a mark.  In my mind, Camp was my thing.  I was obviously the best counselor, the coolest staff member, and by far the best softball/volleyball coach.  I am extremely grateful for something Russ, one of our ministers, said to me in the Spring.  We were chatting in his office, and he said to me, “Camp is bigger than any one person.”  Donelson’s Camp, like many other camps around the world, is a living, breathing organism.  Camp has taken on its own identity, one that is bigger than any one person or group of people.  When one person can’t make it, someone else does.  When one cool tradition is discontinued, another one is born.  Camp evolves and changes, but it’s not going to shrivel up and die because of one little thing.  Camp is something that God uses mightily, and something that is set into motion by God doesn’t just stop.  So, cool staff members come and go, but there is only one who runs Camp (and it’s not the director…even a really, really awesome one).  

I guess what I am trying to say is: a lot of things change in our lives and in this world, but God doesn’t.  God is still God at Fall Creek Falls State Park whether I am there or not.  When I leave the Bay Area to go back to school in August, God will still be here.  A lot of times, I think Christians (good, well-intentioned, Bible-believing Christians) get the idea that they are taking God with them.  Taking God to our workplaces, schools, other countries, etc., but the truth is that God is already there.  God was here before we showed up, and He will be here after we’re gone.

The grass withers and the flowers fall,

but the word of our God endures forever.

                 Isaiah 40:8

above all else, God is.


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