I consider myself a creative person.

There really is something about creating something that is from my own thoughts and imagination that I find to be incredible.

That’s why I love to write.

For me, writing is how I express myself.  My thoughts flowing from my head through my hands and down onto a piece of paper or onto a screen pumps me up.  Reading something that is completely mine, that came from my own head, is so cool whether anyone ever reads it or not.  Taking a blank sheet or screen and filling it up with whatever I want gets me excited.  There really is something beautiful about being able to take something that has absolutely no prompt, no expectations, no grade coming in the future, and do whatever I want to do with it.  Having complete control over the outcome of something gives me comfort.  I am the only person who can make it awesome or can screw it all up, and I know that going in.  It’s exciting, plus if I do screw up, nobody will ever find out, and I can start over or throw it out.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s mine, and I like it like that.

I don’t want to give anyone else the pen (or the keyboard).

Isn’t that the problem with God sometimes?

God wants the pen.  He wants to write our story.

We come before God with a lot of stuff already written on the page of our life.  Stuff we’re not always proud of.  Stuff that keeps showing up.  Stuff that is holding back the story that we are trying to write.  The beautiful thing is that God doesn’t care.  God can crumple up that piece of paper and start over.  It’s God’s story after all.  We are all God’s creation.  He created us.  We are in His image.  We are God’s paper, and when we let Him, He is going to write some awesome stories with us.  We are a blank sheet before God, and He can do whatever He wants with us, we just have to surrender the pen.

Let’s let Him write our stories, and some crazy awesome stories they will be.

God is Good!



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