My NBA Top 10: Paul George Nowhere to be Found

Tonight during the Heat/Pacers game, someone (to be left unnamed) said to me (and I quote), “Paul George is a top 10 NBA player.” ….. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?  NO WAY.


(Gotta Love that Shirt Though!)

My Top 10 NBA Players: (starting from #10 and working to #1)

10. Rajon Rondo

9. Dwight Howard

8. Russell Westbrook

7. Marc Gasol (had to give the DPOTY some props)

6. Chris Paul

5. Tony Parker

4. Kobe Bryant

3. Carmelo Anthony

2. Kevin Durant

1. LeBron James (Yes, I did watch the end of tonight’s game, and yes, he is still #1)

Notables still ahead of George (not in order): 

  • Zach Randolph
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Stephen Curry
  • Roy Hibbert (yeah, not even the best on his own team in my opinion)
  • James Harden

Cannot go without a Derrick Rose mention, who I’ll go ahead and assume will be a man on a mission next season.

I would say Andrew Bynum, but nahh.

So according to my analysis, Paul George could MAYBE fit into the top 20, maybe.

So there it is, you will likely disagree with a couple of my top 10 at least.  I would love to get your feedback so please comment if you have something to say!  Hit me up!




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