rainbow double

Yesterday I was sitting across a table and over a cup of coffee from a friend of mine named Joseph.  I do not really know him very well yet, but we were talking and he asked me, “If someone who had never heard about God asked you to describe God, what would you say?”  I was thrown for a loop by the question because I had honestly never really thought about being asked that.  I thought about it for a moment, and tried to talk through it a little.  The word that ended up being my response was “faithfulness.” I am so lucky to worship a God who never leaves and always comes through.  Even when I have really screwed the pooch, God is still seeking me and wanting me to turn to Him.  I can’t say that thought has always been an easy one for me.  In the past and still often, I have really struggled with praying at times.  Honestly, most of the time I know what I am doing is wrong and feel terrible during and afterwards.  At these times I feel like I should come back to God for forgiveness, but I just can’t bring myself to even ask for more grace.  After I fall into sin, I just feel like I would be cheapening God’s grace if I were to ask for forgiveness immediately. I struggle with thinking that God has given up on me.  How could the creator of the entire universe love me enough to put up with all of my baggage and all of my crap?  The answer to that is amazing.  God sent His son to be treated like the worst of criminals so that I wouldn’t have to be punished for my sin.  One of my favorite stories in all of scripture is found in chapter 3 of Genesis.  It is after Adam and Eve have sinned and are guilt-ridden.  They are hiding in the Garden covered in fig leaves.  Surely they are thinking to themselves, “God must not want to be with me anymore, I am such a screw-up,” but right in the moment when they are scared, ashamed, and confused, the Lord God calls out to them, “Where are you?”  This is such a beautiful story!  The creator of the heavens and the most powerful being that has ever existed and ever will exist is walking around LOOKING FOR THEM!!!  So often I forget how I am constantly being called to live a better story than the story that I live in.  Freedom in Christ can be such a hard concept to understand, but there is one thing that I know, and that is God sent his son for us, that we might not only live, but LIVE WELL!  God is faithful and promises that He will not leave us when we are caught in sin, and God also promises incredible rewards for people who live for Him.



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