A Different Kind of Prayer



In my Intro to Ministry class yesterday one of my professors, Dean, taught about something that I had never realized existed.  He taught about prayers of lament.  It is the most common genre of the psalms and I can’t remember ever praying a prayer of lament.  Basically this type of prayer is just telling God how you’re not happy with the situation you’re in.  I always thought that we weren’t supposed to complain to God, but it turns out that it’s ok.  The psalms are filled with these prayers of frustration and sadness.  Psalm 13 is the main example Dean used in class.  Basically David is asking God how much longer he’s going to have to deal with all of this crap in his life.  At the end of the psalm he does say that he still puts his trust in God, but he complains to God quite a bit.  I had read this psalm before, but had never thought about praying a prayer like that to God.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been pretty hacked off at God before asking why this happened or why that happened, but I’ve never thought about praying to God like that.  I’m going to give it a whirl because now I’m pretty sure that it’s ok to talk to God about the crap that is happening and how you don’t like it.  I wouldn’t say that cursing God is ok, but definitely admitting that you don’t understand what’s going on is healthy.  As long as your hope, trust, and joy are in Him, it’s all good.  So I’ll give it a shot.  Just trying to keep living and learning.


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